World Without Anger (WWA)

An International WWA Journal, Research Division, Nepal

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Message from the Editorial Board Chair

On behalf of the entire editorial team I convey our sincere gratitude to all of our many authors and reviewers who have submitted papers and /or provided valuable services as a reviewer for the World Without Anger (WWA) International Journal. Our editorial board and the many ad hoc reviewers have spent countless hours reviewing manuscripts for the Journal over the past year, and we continue to excel as a direct result of their efforts.

The WWA International Journal publishes original research papers on emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional quotient (EQ). It also publishes conference papers, empirical, and theoretical papers on creativity, wisdom, giftedness, angerlessness, peace/positive psychology, forgiveness, optimism, peace, lateral thinking, gender psychology, yoga, mindfulness, positive self skills, parenting, roles, friendship, psycho-social problems of adolescents and children, well-being and meditation. Furthermore, it publishes researches on self-monitoring, leadership, personality structure and coping skills.


Prof. Murari Prasad Regmi, PhD

Chief Editor
Research Division